Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kate Teichman

Kate is the first person I've met that could ever be called gamine. When we discussed her headshots, she stressed that her main focus was on theater. While she wasn't really opposed to signing with an agent and making lots of money, she really likes working on experimental or new theater pieces.

So, we decided to really try to express what makes Kate unique as a performer. Her physicality makes her one of the rarest of actresses, giving her a chameleon-like ability to move from delicate, feminine, Audrey-Hepburn roles, to tomboys. In fact she frequently is cast as a teenage boy and is currently working on a two-person project for the Prop Thtr's festival, to be followed with a production of Richard III; while last fall she worked simultaneously on three separate productions, including playing Honey in Virginia Woolf.

There is no doubt Kate will become one of Chicago's staple character actresses and our shoot captured that. Above we used the pose to create an angular composition to communicate an edginess, and a rich color palette to convey the contrasting components of Kate's talents and career goals. Check out our website to see how brighter colors were used for Kate to create a commercial shot.

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