Friday, August 28, 2009

Congratulations Archetype Alums!

Congratulations Larry Neumann, Jr. and Laura E. Taylor on your Jeff nominations!
I've known Larry for years. I saw his Oedipus. He was a flawless Iago. The man doesn't work enough. Or to put a finer point on it, he works plenty. He doesn't get paid enough. PAY HIM MORE! HE'S WORTH IT.
If there's a film or TV show that comes to Chicago, if the casting people haven't considered Larry for a role, it's probably not worth doing.
Laura was one of the first people I shot. I've met very few actors who had such a laser focus about her career. She know exactly where her niche in the industry is. This is only beginning of great things for her.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Archetype Discount Cards

Discount tickets are being sent to agents this week! Look in their offices for a postcard with Krissy's picture and redeem it for a $50 discount on your next photo shoot! If you don't find the card in your agent's office, ask. They're all getting them.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Testimonial from the Field

Sometimes, your clients say it best:

Good morning Scott, Thanks for the update and your new site. I noticed that a friend of mine (Joette Waters) is one of the photos you have online. I was at an audition at Columbia last fall and happened to have the same shirt that I wore when you did my photo and a photo student stopped and recognized me from your web site. Also one day I was on the red line and photographer said that he thought he had seen me on a web site but could net remember where and we discovered that it was a photo that you took. I am still working with students mainly from Columbia and Art Institute on film and photo projects. It is really interesting what ideas they can come up with and being part of it with them. Thanks Jerry Heller

Proving my point that a headshot is not about "capturing an essence." A headshot is your visual branding. It's the image that you want people to carry with them.

Jerry is a part-time actor who is happy doing small films. His archetype is "Grandpa." That's how he wants casting directors to think of him: a warm, loving grandpa. The distinctive shirt, done in a bright color serves as the memory key. Now, when Jerry walks through the door, even if the casting director doesn't remember exactly how, she feels like she knows Jerry. By making the casting director comfortable with him, Jerry's work in the audition is more than half done.